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We want you to learn, succeed and feel proud of what you create! Our courses and products are designed to help you build your confidence, develop your knowledge, grow your skills – and have amazing art at the end to prove it!

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We offer a variety of courses on different themes and topics, all taught by experienced tutors. All workshops come with lifetime access and downloadable content.

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  • We offer creative, inspirational and easy-to-follow online arty, crafty courses and e-books packed with fabulous tutorials
  • We have an international team of experienced, enthusiastic tutors who love nothing more than to share their skills with you
  • Our courses include lifetime access
  • Our courses include downloadable resources for all lessons, such as video, lesson PDFs, worksheets and printables
  • Access all of your purchases quickly and easily through your student dashboard

Why take a course with us?

  • Do you spend hours searching through junk to find that one great tutorial? Social media can drain away your time like nothing else, and let’s face it, you often need to wade through a ton of poor quality, poorly executed content to find that gem. Our Courses are created by hand-picked tutors whose focus is helping you to learn new skills – and they are all gems! We offer high quality, educational tutorials made available to you with a few clicks, at very affordable prices.

  • Do you have loads of art materials but lack the knowledge to use them? A course can help you get the best from your supplies. When you better understand your materials, you’ll get better end results. And you might even save some money by getting more creative mileage from supplies you already own.

  • Do you often find yourself feeling creative but you just don’t know where to start? A course can really help reignite that mojo and get your brain firing in all kinds of creative ways. And you might learn something you love that you’d never have dreamed to search out for yourself!

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Get creative with frugal, found and free supplies in our innovative new supply-savvy course!

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