Summer School price: £45.00

Wellspring is a six week summer school focussing on creativity for self-care. We’ll explore how to use your creative time in ways that can be beneficial to your mental wellbeing. We will explore topics around the creative self in detail, and have lots of fun things to make along the way. Some of our projects will require you to think in depth about your creative process and your sense of self, while others are more lightweight, fun exercises, or focus on meditative aspects of creativity. Plus you’ll learn more about how and why art can be therapeutic from our mindfulness and art therapy experts.

Difficulty Level: Mixed ability but suitable for beginners.

Tutors: Katy Leitch, Riikka Kovasin, Mags Woodcock, Leanne Jago, France Papillon, Rubeena Ianigro, Claire Hilton, Annabel Roberts, DeeDee Catron, Terhi Koskinen, Josefine Fouarge, Nicole Austin, Elina Stromberg, Mary Szymanski, Jennifer Gallagher, Tania Ahmed, Marsha Valk, Lotte Kristensen, Claudia Neubacher, Teresa Morgan and Tracy Easson.