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How the site works

When you make any purchase with us (even if your ‘purchase’ is a free promotion), the system automatically creates an account for you. We’ll send you an email with your username and password. You can change these at any time by logging in on the My Account page.

Once your purchase is complete, the system will automatically log you into your account and direct you to the course/download you purchased via a link on the confirmation page. We will also email you confirmation of your purchase, which again includes links to the items you have bought.

When you return to the site, you will find all your purchases available via the My Account page. In the My Account screen you can login, and once you are logged in, you’ll see all of your account information, plus details of all the courses in which you are enrolled. Access to your course is lifetime and you can navigate to any of your courses, old or new, from the My Account page.

Each course is structured into lessons to make it easy to navigate and so that you can easily see where you got to should you complete the course over several visits. We look forward to teaching you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How the checkout process works

When you purchase an item, you will be taken to a confirmation page from which you can access your course. The system will automatically create an account for you and log you in. If it’s your first transaction, you should receive two system-generated emails, one confirming your course purchase and a second confirming your username and password, which is automatically created for you. You can reset your password on the My Account page.

If you are a returning customer, you need to login before completing any further transactions, to ensure your purchases are added to your existing account. If you want, you can tick a box at checkout so your card details are retained for future purchases.

Why do I have to log in?

So that you can have a convenient student homepage (My Account) where you can find all of your purchases in one place, we have to create an account for you that has a username and password. This enables the system needs to be able to recognise you, and know which courses you have purchased. You won’t be able to see your courses if you are not logged in.

You can login with either your email address or your username – your username is generated for you and sent to you when you make your first purchase. If you forget your password, you can reset it any time using the ‘reset password’ link.

Does my access expire?

When you buy any product, an account is created for you at checkout. Courses and downloads have lifetime access (unless you delete your account) and you can find all your purchased courses and downloads, with links, on the My Account page. For housekeeping purposes, we reserve the right to delete any account that hasn’t been accessed for over a year.

All of our downloadable content is yours to keep and store offline as you wish, but is strictly for personal use only.

Why can't I access my course?

Occasionally users experience a caching issue meaning they are unable to access their course temporarily. If you find you cannot click on your course modules, log out of the system and completely close down your browser. Restart the browser and log back into the website via the login/my account page. This should fix the problem. If you continue to have difficulties, drop us an email and we can investigate further for you.

Why are some workshops discounted to 'subscribers'?

Subscribers to our AcademyPlus programme receive discounts on many of our products, so if we refer to a ‘subscriber only price’ we are referring to our AcademyPlus members. You can find out more about AcademyPlus here.


How do I access the courses?

Once you make a purchase, an account will be created for you so you can find all the courses you purchase here in one place. You’ll be able to access your workshop immediately once payment is completed, and return to again at any time from the My Account page, Courses section.

The courses run online and can be accessed on this site via a browser or on smart devices. You need an internet connection to view the videos as they are streamed.

What's the difference between the course types?

Masterclasses and Themed Collections are collections of tutorials on a related theme and may contain a mixture of informational videos and articles, video tutorials, step-by-step tutorials and other resources. Most of our courses have a mix of tutors, but some Masterclasses are in-depth courses where a single tutor guides you through their specialism. Our Mini Collections and Mini Masterclasses are the same thing, just smaller, with fewer lessons.

Our workshops are designed to be as close as possible to an actual real-life classroom experience, and although they are pre-recorded, they are more akin to Facebook Live broadcasts than to YouTube tutorials. Our workshops are presented more or less in real-time (less prep and drying times) so you can follow along with ease. They are fully narrated in English by the tutor.

Will I need a lot of supplies?

Our courses are aimed at people who like to explore art and craft materials and grow their skills. We will try to keep specialist materials to a minimum but will expect participants to have basics like acrylic paint, collage glue, mediums like gesso, paintbrushes and the like. In most cases, mediums and paints can be substituted for any other brand you may already have. Our Masterclasses and Themed Collections are designed to teach you new skills and spark your imagination, rather than being slavishly copied.

For Workshops, a list of supplies is in the course description for each class, so you can see what you will need before you decide whether to buy the workshop. Workshops are designed to be followed more or less as shown, as you would do in a real-life workshop, so we make sure you know what you need in advance.

For other courses, the number of tutorials included (up to 10 different lessons) makes it impractical to give a list of all the supplies used. We very much encourage you to have a go at the techniques taught in our classes with the supplies you already own.

What are the terms of use for courses?

All the content on this website is © copyrighted by Mixed Up Creative and/or the individual article authors.

You are welcome to copy the projects for personal development, but never for commercial purposes (including but not limited to creating items for sale, teaching in person, or creating online tutorials). The courses are for your individual use only and should not be shared or distributed in any way, including screen shots of the pages. If you are influenced in your work by an article here, we ask that you give credit to the designer.

All downloads are for the personal use of members only and should not be distributed or shared. Printables can be used for items made for sale, as long as those items are fully handmade and do not involve digital reproduction.

E-books and Printables

How do I access my e-book?

Once your purchase is complete, you can access your e-book at any time by logging in and going to the Downloads section of the My Account page. There you will find a link to download your e-book. Multiple downloads are enabled to allow you to have your e-book on more than one device. (You can also download from the thank you page and from the email confirmation.)

Your e-book will open in your default PDF viewer – most devices will already have this capability and you should not need to install any software.

On your desktop/laptop computer: clicking the link will force automatic download of the file which will be saved to your computer in the default location for downloads (usually the Downloads folder). Clicking the link will open the e-book in your default PDF viewer (this may be a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader or it may open in your browser window).

On your tablet or mobile device: clicking the download link will launch the default PDF viewer, usually your browser, so you can view your e-book. If you want to save your e-book to your device so you don’t need to click the link to view it each time, you may want to save the file to a suitable location such as Dropbox, Google Drive or your Kindle library (how files are saved may vary depending on your device but a quick Google search will help you out).

Where can I view my e-book?

You can view your e-book on-screen on most devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop/laptop computers. The PDF is optimised for on-screen display. On smaller mobile screens you may want to zoom into the text to be able to read it comfortably.

Can I print my e-book?

Yes, you can. Your E-book is a PDF file which is a printable file format. Please note that e-books are designed for screen reading, so the quality of the print output will be lower than you would expect in a printed book.

Got a question we’ve not covered here?

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