Halloween Spooktacular


With this scarily good selection of Halloween projects, your home will never have looked so spooktacular for the holidays. This collection is packed with ideas galore for cool, creepy makes and includes assemblage, dioramas, art dolls, a shaker tag and a guest book that's perfect for your Halloween party. Each lesson has techniques and tips to inspire your crafting all year round.

This collection contains five video tutorials and four step-by-step tutorials, and includes lifetime access and downloadable content for each lesson.

Difficulty Level: Mixed ability

Tutors: Katy Leitch, Riikka Kovasin, Asia Marquet, Claudia Neubacher, Leslie Lineberry, Emma Williams, Monique van Dijk, Sarah Dott, Leanne Jago

Want to Play? by Asia Marquet
  • Create a fun greeting with this Halloween shaker card
  • Video tutorial (23 mins)
Witch’s Brew by Claudia Neubacher
  • Make a fantastic graveyard diorama with clever use of die cuts and paint techniques
  • Step-by-step photo tutorial
Hotel Transylvania Guest Book by Leslie Lineberry
  • Make a spooky altered guest book to die for in this easy but effective project
  • Video tutorial (10 mins)
Ouija Shadow Box by Monique van Dijk
  • Use stamps and inks to create a spooky scene inside an altered tin
  • Video tutorial (41 mins)
Tom and Pom by Riikka Kovasin
  • Craft amazing art dolls inspired by Tim Burton's creepy but cute aesthetic
  • Step-by-step photo tutorial
Eternal by Leanne Jago
  • Leanne raided her junk box to make this fantastic assemblage
  • Video tutorial (20 mins)
Mr Bone Jangles by Emma Williams
  • Meet Mr Bones Jangle's and take a tour of his spooky apothecary's shop!
  • Step-by-step photo tutorial
Constance by Katy Leitch
  • Constance and her very ex-husband haunt this dilapidated 3D graveyard
  • Video tutorial (12 mins)
The Brewery by Sarah Dott
  • What could the witches in this incredibly detailed diorama be brewing?
  • Step-by-step photo tutorial