Crackle Effects


Don't you just love it when your projects have a tactile quality to them? Our designers love creating texture and it's an important feature in many mixed media projects. Crackle effects are an easy and effective way to create extra interest on your mixed media makes. Crackle effects work well with vintage, contemporary, grungy, Steampunk or even feminine projects, depending on what media you use and how you apply them; not every crackle is the same and in this Masterclass we'll show you eight different but equally awesome ways to achieve a range of crackle looks, from super subtle, to in-your-face! You can create amazing crackle effects with this course containing 8 tutorials, plus an introduction to understanding crackle mediums.

The course includes: 7 video lessons and two detailed step-by-step tutorials

Purchasing this workshop grants you lifetime access. It includes a downloadable version of the video tutorials and PDFs of the step-by-step tutorials, for you to keep.

Difficulty: Mixed ability
Format: Video and step-by-step tutorials
Tutors: Katy Leitch, Riikka Kovasin, Elisa Ablett, Mags Woodcock, Lisa Taggart, Mary Szymanski, Erica Evans, Ana Bondu

  • Introduction to Crackle Mediums with Katy Leitch (article and video)
  • Do the Two-Step by Mary Szymanski - Mary gets creative with two-step crackle mediums (video)
  • Rare Relic by Katy Leitch - create aged and shabby effects with crackle paste (video)
  • PVA Crackle by Mags Woodock - Mags helps you perfect this tricky but very frugal crackle technique (step-by-step)
  • Cracked Glass by Riikka Kovasin - use embossing powder to create a beautiful cracked glass effect (video)
  • Faux Crackle by Elisa Ablett - make an amazing textured background with a stamp - cheats crackle! (step-by-step)
  • Double Crackle by Lisa Taggart - Lisa combines two crackle mediums to make a dramatic background (video)
  • Craquelure by Erica Evans - create vintage look pieces using crackle glaze techniques (video)
  • Gel Plate Crackle by Ana Bondu - prepared to be amazed with this innovative gel plate technique! (video)
We will be working with the following in this Masterclass. Any brand of the relevant product types is suitable for trying out the techniques shown. If you don't have the materials we are using, this Masterclass is a great way to work out what crackle creating goodies you NEED to buy!
  • Crackle paste
  • Two-step crackle medium
  • Crackle glaze
  • Clear embossing enamel (also called UTEE)
  • Crackle background stamp
  • Gel plate
  • PVA glue