Sponsored Showcase with Mitform Castings


This Sponsored Showcase, in partnership with Mitform Castings, is a celebration of their versatile and beautiful metal shapes. Our designers have created wonderful 3D designs that showcase the versatility of Mitform's metal embellishments, especially for Steampunk or edgy designs.

Sponsored Showcases are designed to celebrate and promote our amazing industry partners. They are not courses as such, but they will show you some fabulous ways our sponsor's product can be used and each Showcase contains at least three inspiring projects.

Designers: Nikki Killinger, Monique van Dijk and Lotte Kristensen

  • Lost by Nikki Killinger (step-by-step)
  • Angel of Urban Decay by Lotte Kristensen (step-by-step)
  • Lost in Time by Monique van Dijk (video)