Mini Masterclass: Scribble Sticks


Ranger's Scribble Sticks.... these colourful little sticks of pigment are such a joy! In this Mini Masterclass find out what they are and what they can do, then use those skills to create a beautiful concertina file to house a collection of Scribble-sticked ATCs! This course contains a video tutorial and a detailed 18 part step-by-step tutorial; downloads for both, as well as lifetime access are included with your purchase.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Tutor: Katy Leitch

Lessons in this course:
  • Introduction to Scribble Sticks - learn about the properties of Scribble Sticks and a number of different techniques you can achieve using them (video)
  • Homage to Frida - use your new-found Scribble Stick techniques to craft a beautiful concertina box full of cheery ATCs (step-by-step)

5 reviews for Mini Masterclass: Scribble Sticks

  1. alhrobkin

    I have both sets of Scribble Sticks, but haven’t used them very often. After this course, however, I am inspired to play with them a lot more. Clear instruction, good graphics, and an easy attitude make this class especially appealing!

  2. marilyn.chabeaux

    I’m very much a beginner, and love the Scribble Sticks techniques – must have some of those!! The Frida concertina file is great – like the idea of altering the size to fit tags – my favourite thing to make. Thank you so much for an amazing Mini Masterclass xx

  3. susanjanicula

    Thanks for the good free tutorials, Katy – especially the concertina, it was a new way for me to do so, and I must definitely try it. hugs, Susan

  4. Lucille Lever

    Lovely tutorial. Very informative and nicely presented

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