Mini Masterclass: Time for Tea


This Mini Masterclass is an homage to the humble yet mighty teabag! Us Brits are obsessed with tea - it's basically the cure for all ills and a home without tea is a rare thing on this isle! But not only is tea an amazing elixir for the soul, it's also a handy art supply that's right there in your kitchen, and costs almost nothing! Join us for this Mini Masterclass where you'll learn three ways to make tea part of your must-have crafting supplies with our fabulous classes. Your purchase includes lifetime access, a printable vintage postcard, as well as video and PDF resources for you to download and keep.

Difficulty Level: Mixed ability

Tutors: Katy Leitch, Riikka Kovasin, and Mags Woodcock


Lessons in this Mini Masterclass:
  • Dyeing for a Cuppa: An introduction to tea dying with Katy Leitch (video tutorial x2)
  • Texturise with Tea: Make and use amazing DIY tea texture paste with Mags Woodcock (step-by-step tutorial)
  • Tea and a Good Book: Make sensational teabag art bookmarks with Riikka Kovasin (video tutorial)


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