Wellspring 2019 Self-Study


Wellspring Self-Study is a self-guided version of our popular summer school, your chance to take this amazing course if you missed out on the live version. This School focusses on the power of creativity for self-care. We’ll look at how you can learn to use your creative time in ways that can be beneficial to your mental wellbeing.

In a series of 26 detailed lessons, we will explore topics around the creative self, challenge you to look at how you work and what blocks you may have, consider how and why art can be so good for your soul, and make lots of fun projects along the way. Plus, you’ll learn more about how and why art can be therapeutic from mindfulness and art therapy experts. This varied course includes video tutorials, step-by-step tutorials, articles and exercises, all around a wellness theme.

What does the course include?

  • 26 fabulous lessons from experienced tutors and mental health experts
  • Lifetime access to your course
  • Downloadable files for all lessons
Three Second Rule by France Papillion
  • Amazing art journaler France shares her 'three second rule' and explores the freedom that comes with creating from the heart rather than the head
  • Video tutorial
Introduction to Mindfulness by Annabel Roberts
  • Mindfulness expert Annabel introduces you to the concepts of mindfulness and how they can relate to art practice
  • Article and audio mediation
Hidden Messages by Riikka Kovasin
  • Riikka looks at ways you can express yourself freely but keep your thoughts hidden from others, in this fab journal page project
  • Video tutorial
Story Salvaged by Leanne Jago
  • Leanne shares how she uses her journaling process for better mental health and shows you how she uses intuitive decision making to guide her.
  • Video tutorial
Grow a Galaxy by Rubeena Ianigro 
  • Rubeena explains how she finds watercolour painting meditative and calming, as she shows you how to create a stunning painterly galaxy.
  • Step-by-step tutorial
Art as Therapy by Claire Hilton
  • Qualified Art Therapist Claire gives you an insight into her work and discusses the power of art as a therapeutic tool.
  • Article with painting exercise
Getting Out of Your Own Way by DeeDee Catron
  • DeeDee shares tips, tricks and hints for getting out of your own way and creating with greater freedom.
  • Video tutorial
You're Beautiful by Terhi Koskinen
  • Terhi explains how scrapbooking images of herself has helped her develop better self-esteem and she hopes it’s a process that can help you too!
  • Video tutorial
Breaking a Blank Page by Josefine Fouarge
  • Josefine shares four of her favourite ways to break a blank page, great techniques for when you need to switch off your brain and just do.
  • Video tutorial
Journaling for Mindfulness by Annabel Roberts
  • Join expert Annabel for some creative and thought-provoking journaling prompts, plus a fabulous creativity meditation to get you in the right place to start.
  • Article and audio meditation
Intuitive Painting by Nicole Austin
  • Nicole encourages you to create in the moment and with acceptance of whatever happens along the way, in this fabulous intuitive painting tutorial.
  • Video tutorial
Finger Painted Blooms by Erica Evans
  • Create with child-like freedom and feel a tactile connection to your work, with Erica’s beautiful finger-painted blooms!
  • Video tutorial
Scrapbooking the Self by Elina Stromberg
  • Combine a self-portrait with meaningful colours and symbols to boost your self-image and encourage a little more self-love!
  • Step-by-step tutorial
Affirmation Journal by Mary Syzmanski
  • Make a quick mini book packed with positive affirmations to give you (or a friend in need) a little mood lift.
  • Video tutorial
Kickstart Your Creativity by Claire Hilton
  • Art therapist Claire shares some of her favourite ways to kickstart creativity, including two fun, easy exercises and her top tips to enable creative flow.
  • Article with creative exercises
Mandala Meditation by Jennifer Gallagher
  • Enjoy a meditative creative process as you draw and gently colour a beautiful mandala.
  • Step-by-step tutorial
  • Includes printable mandala to download
Saved by Mags Woodcock
  • Get the feel-good factor as you create with unloved junk and salvaged objects, doing your bit for the environment and for your pocket!
  • Step-by-step tutorial
Flowers on my Mind by Tania Ahmed
  • Tania’s project considers two things that have therapeutic value for her – creating relaxing repeat patterns and including a little piece of herself in her work.
  • Video tutorial
Dealing with Procrastination by Annabel Roberts
  • Annabel shares some tips on how to stop procrastinating and start doing, using techniques learned from mindfulness.
  • Article with audio meditation
A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words by Marsha Valk
  • Marsha’s fascinating lesson explores the concept of art-based learning. She guides you through the four-step learning process, then shares what she created as a result of her experience.
  • Article and video tutorial
The Doctor Will See You Now by Lotte Kristensen
  • Lotte creates a powerful statement, with a dash of humour, transforming her medicine packets into an amazingly tactile sculpture.
  • Step-by-step tutorial
Keeping it Real by Claudia Neubacher
  • Are your portraits almost always smiling, happy faces? Claudia encourages you to reach deeper and show real emotion, painting her angry face for this tutorial.
  • Video tutorial
Bloom by Melina Dahl
  • Relax as you create a beautiful journal page in happy colours with Melina’s chilled out tutorial.
  • Video tutorial
An Artist's Style by Claire Hilton
  • Claire’s thoughtful piece explores whether it’s necessary or even beneficial for an artist to have their own style.
  • Article
Happy Thoughts by Teresa Morgan
  • Make Teresa’s adorable little affirmation shrines to fill your home with happy thoughts.
  • Video tutorial
Affirmation Dolls by Tracy Easson
  • Capture the whispers of your soul in this uplifting and affirming art doll project.
  • Step-by-step tutorial
The aim of this course is to give you tools, techniques, and exercises to take away that you can apply to all your creative processes. We encourage you to create with what you have, using the prompts and ideas put forward in the lessons. We are not suggesting you make any purchases for this course but some of the lessons focus on art journaling so you may wish to have a journal to play with as we go. Most lessons will be using mixed media basics such as acrylic paints, pens, stamps, stencils and the like. Some use more specific mediums, which include: watercolour paints, air-dry clay, coloured pencils, and a shrine kit (or you use an old sardine can or a backwards mini canvas). We have two scrapbooking classes in the mix, but you can adapt the ideas for your journal using mixed media supplies instead if you don’t own scrapbooking papers and embellishments.
"Thank you so much for this incredible journey. You have outdone yourself with this and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. I for one will be signing up for the course next year." Fiona, Wellspring 2019 student
"Having delivered and attended countless workshops I would say this particular course is extremely cheap in comparison. The variety of knowledge and skills shared is way beyond what I have experienced in the past." Carol, Wellspring 2019 student
"I’ve tried things I never would have and I’m loving every new thing I try. Thank you that you run courses we can continue to access. Thank you for the support, the ideas, the non-judgmental, encouraging and uplifting comments you and your team give us." Vanessa, Wellspring 2019 student
"I have loved being part of this journey. I am looking forward to next year's schools already. It's going to be just as inspiring and awesome as this has been. Thank you for putting all this together Katy." Mags, Wellspring 2019 student and tutor
"I loved the teaming of wellbeing with creativity, and there were so many ways to experience that in Wellspring! Great combination of teaching styles, projects, introspection, meditation, and feel good vibes. I loved learning from each instructor. Many thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge!" Maura, Wellspring 2019 student
"I loved this course. Some of the classes I initially thought maybe weren't for me, turned out to be great fun anyway. I love that I can come back and revisit the whole thing at a later date and think it might be interesting to see the results of undertaking the same class projects at a different point in time. Thanks Katy...I think Wellspring 2019 was a HUGE success." Christa, Wellspring 2019 student