Winter Wonderland


Welcome to our Winter Wonderland, a mini course with four gorgeous tutorials inspired by the season. Create a snowflake plaque glistening with foil accents, with Deb Riddell; make a stunning white-on-white wintry card with Lisa Nygards; craft a colourful, contemporary decorative canvas with Carisa Zglobicki and bring a delicately hued snow angel to life with Riikka Kovasin. This beautiful bunch of makes is perfect for Christmas or any special wintry day!

Tutors: Deb Riddell, Carisa Zglobicki, Riikka Kovasin and Lisa Nygards

Format: this course contains 3x video tutorials and 1x step-by-step tutorial

Lessons in this course:
  • Song of the Snowflakes by Lisa Nygårds (video tutorial, 14 mins)
  • Flurry of Snow by Deb Riddell (step-by-step tutorial)
  • Winter Tree by Carisa Zglobicki (video tutorial, 20 mins)
  • Snow Angel by Riikka Kovasin (video tutorial, 5 mins)