Crackle Means

What is the meaning of crackle?

1a : to make small sharp sudden repeated noises the fire crackles on the hearth.

b : to show animation : sparkle the essays crackle with wit.

2 : craze sense intransitive 2.

transitive verb.

: to crush or crack with snapping noises..

What type of word is crackle?

verb (used without object), crack·led, crack·ling. to make slight, sudden, sharp noises, rapidly repeated. to form a network of fine cracks on the surface.

What is swish drink?

Swish, an alcoholic beverage obtained by filling an (empty) cask from a distillery with water to leech the remaining liquor out.

What is the meaning of heap?

collection of things1 : a collection of things thrown one on another : pile. 2 : a great number or large quantity : lot. heap. verb. heaped; heaping; heaps.

How many is a heap?

1,000,000 grains is a heap. If 1,000,000 grains is a heap then 999,999 grains is a heap. So 999,999 grains is a heap. If 999,999 grains is a heap then 999,998 grains is a heap.

What is a memory heap?

The heap is a memory used by programming languages to store global variables. By default, all global variable are stored in heap memory space. It supports Dynamic memory allocation. The heap is not managed automatically for you and is not as tightly managed by the CPU. It is more like a free-floating region of memory.

What causes crackling on the lungs?

Crackles occur if the small air sacs in the lungs fill with fluid and there’s any air movement in the sacs, such as when you’re breathing. The air sacs fill with fluid when a person has pneumonia or heart failure.

What swish means?

: to move, pass, swing, or whirl with the sound of a swish. transitive verb. 1 : to move, cut, or strike with a swish the horse swished its tail.

How do I sort heap?

Heap Sort Algorithm for sorting in increasing order:Build a max heap from the input data.At this point, the largest item is stored at the root of the heap. Replace it with the last item of the heap followed by reducing the size of heap by 1. … Repeat step 2 while size of heap is greater than 1.

Are lung crackles serious?

The crackles are an abnormal sound, and they usually indicate that an underlying condition requires treatment. Bibasilar crackles can result from a severe lung problem. Prompt diagnosis and treatment may help to prevent long-term complications.

What makes a swish sound?

A swish is the sound that’s made when a person or thing swishes — the swish of a dish brush on a dirty pan in the sink, or the swish of water against a dock. A kite swishes through the air and so does a fencing epee or a fly swatter. … Swish is an example of onomatopoeia — when a word that sounds like its meaning.

What is the meaning of crackling sound?

Definitions of crackling. noun. the sharp sound of snapping noises. synonyms: crackle, crepitation.

What causes crackling in the ear?

Sometimes you may experience crackling or popping in your ears. This is often described as a “Rice Krispie”-like sound. Crackling in the ears can be caused by several different conditions, such as eustachian tube dysfunction, acute otitis media, or the buildup of earwax.

How do you make swish?

The process in making it involves ‘recycling’ a commercially used wooden barrel that has previously held whisky or brandy, et cetera. By filling it with water and letting it sit, residual alcohol contained in the wood ‘steeps’ in the water, thus creating swish.