Is Misti Suing Stampin Up?

Can you make your own dies for sizzix?

Assuming you’re talking about cutting dies you have had made, (you can’t create your own dies on the machine), yes you can.

Just make sure you have the correct platforms.

Sizzix Accessories – Multipurpose Platform Extended + Sizzix 657160 Accessory, Solo Wafer-Thin Die Adapter (for thin dies)..

What is a stamping platform?

the stamp platform from tonic is designed for the mixed-media stamper allowing you to use both clear and rubber stamps with ease as well as your favorite stamping mediums from inks to paint. check out the video below to see just how easy it is to use…t! m.

Who makes the Misti stamping tool?

My Sweet PetuniaProduct informationProduct Dimensions10 x 8 x 0.5 inchesManufacturerMy Sweet PetuniaASINB01I8N3X1SItem model numberOriginalCustomer Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars 1,534 ratings 4.8 out of 5 stars4 more rows

Is the sizzix big shot discontinued?

In a move likely in the works for months, Stampin’ Up has announced that they are discontinuing the Sizzix Big Shot and also are replacing Sizzix as the manufacturer for their dies. Stampin’ Up’s new dies will be a slightly different die style than the previous ones.

What is the best die cutting machine for fabric?

Top 5 Best Die Cutting Machines for FabricSizzix Big Shot.Cricut Cuttlebug.Sizzix Big Shot Pro.Accuquilt Go! Fabric Cutter.Accuquilt Go! Baby.Apr 21, 2020

What discount do Stampin Up demonstrators get?

25 percent offWhat is the Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Discount? Most demonstrators see the product discount as their biggest benefit. The discount, or commission, is 20-25 percent off all Stampin’ Up!

Is Stampin up a pyramid scheme?

Stampin’ Up! is NOT a pyramid scheme. By definition a MLM company offers a marketing strategy designed to promote their product through distributors (aka demonstrators) by offering multiple levels of compensation.

Why is cuttlebug being discontinued?

Why is Cricut discontinuing Cuttlebug? Cricut is committed to making amazing products that expand the creative possibilities for all of our members. As we continue to come out with new products, sometimes we have to make hard decisions about existing product lines that we can no longer support.

How do you use the Crafters Companion stamping platform?

How do you use them?Flip your stamping platform over so that the feet are pointing upwards.Take your chosen unmounted stamp and lay it on to the surface. … Use your chosen ink to add a good coating over the surface of your stamp.More items…•Apr 12, 2019

Can I sell cards made with Stampin Up stamps?

. Do you sell handmade cards that you create with Stampin’ Up! … welcomes artists who would like to use their copyrighted images in their own handmade craftwork and other projects that they produce to sell. Therefore, permission is given in the form of a limited license to use any Stampin’ Up!

What is the difference between the big shot and the big kick?

The main difference between a Big Shot and a Big Kick is the colors and the handle. Look at the black/pink Big Shot and the new turquoise Big Shot. … Sizzix originally marketed the Big Kick for big box craft stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, etc., and the Big Shot for smaller, independent retailers.

Who is sizzix suing?

Stephanie BarnardEllison, the parent of Sizzix brand, has filed suit against five different companies since November 2018 alleging infringement of a die technology patent it holds. Stephanie Barnard, a Sizzix licensed designer, and her The Stamps of Life company were the first sued in November 2018.

Which is better cuttlebug or sizzix?

The Sizzix Big Shot, unlike the Cuttlebug, does not fold up. … It also has a longer working surface compared to the Cuttlebug. Not only does the larger working surface make it easier to lay down the dies and folders, but the base is more stable. Some consumers say that the Big Shot is a stronger and better-built machine.

Is Tim Holtz stamp platform discontinued?

Under the agreement with My Sweet Petunia, Tonic Studios will stop selling both sizes of the Tim Holtz stamp platform in the U.S., Canada, North America and South America. Sales of accessories for the platforms will also end in those markets.

What is Stampin up replacing the big shot with?

Die Cutting systemStampin’ Up! will be replacing the Big Shot with a new Die Cutting system. This is exciting news, as it means that Stampin’ Up! will be working directly with the manufacturer to bring all of us a new die cutting / embossing machine and that we will have more direct control over the design AND availability of products!

What is the best stamp platform?

Stampin’ Up’s! stamp platform is the best! It’s called a Stamparatus and it will change your life and make card making a breeze! Especially with images that use multiple stamps or with 2 & 3 step stamping techniques.

Where are Stampin Up Stamps made?

KanabSTAMPIN’ UP’S MFG FACILITY Did you know that many of our products are made right here in the USA? It’s true, our stamps, ink and paper are manufactured in our facility in Kanab, Utah.