Question: What Would Happen If You Cut A Piece Of Paper In Half Over And Over Again?

Can you cut an atom with a knife?

A knife cannot cut anything smaller than the blade of a knife.

Since knives are made out of atoms, they can’t cut atoms.

The splitting of atoms in atomic bombs happens as a result of a different process.

However, even these atoms can’t be cut with a knife, because the atoms are smaller than the knife is..

How many times can you cut a paper in half?

The commonly accepted wisdom is that you can’t fold a single sheet of paper in half more than seven times. The problem with folding paper in half multiple times is that the paper’s surface area decreases by half with each fold.

What happens to atoms when you cut paper or cloth?

Finally, no atoms would be destroyed by the action of cutting. The atoms end up on one side of the cut or the other (or as bits of dust on the scissors or the ground). You are cutting the bonds that hold molecules together.

What happened to the colored paper when cut?

What happened to colored paper when cut? Answer. It will be flattened in the folder,it represents the ocean floor.

What happen when you cut the banana and expose it to air?

Bananas contain polyphenol oxidase and other iron-containing chemicals which react with the oxygen in the air when the cells are cut open. When exposed to the air, these chemicals react in a process known as oxidation, turning the fruit brown.

Why can’t we fold a paper more than 7 times?

Because of A paper’s thickness and length it can’t be folded more than 7 times, but because of the equation, theoretically, you just need longer paper to be able to fold it any number of times. When we fold a paper sheet in half, the thickness of the paper doubles after every fold.

What is the most times a piece of paper can be folded?

But thanks to an American high school student, Britney Gallivan, we now know that paper can be folded more than seven times, but not much more – Gallivan currently holds the world record for paper-folding at 12 folds in a single sheet of (toilet) paper.

When you cut a piece of paper what changes happened?

If a piece of paper is cut into two pieces, the paper becomes smaller, but still remains as paper. Change in shape. A tree is carved into a baseball bat. The wood changes shape, but still remains as wood.

What happens when cut paper bag?

Answer. Answer: The material will fell down to the ground.

What happened to a piece of cardboard when cut?

Answer. It’s will not change. This is call Physical Change because of the cutting only the cardboard.

What happened to the leaves when cut?

Answer. Answer: So they keep growing forever until they die. If a leaf is cut, it will simply grow a few more at other places using the meristematic cells to differentiate into leaf tissues.

What will happen if you cut a candy wrapper?

What happens when you cut a candy wrapper? Answer. It will turn into tiny pieces or it will change the size.

What will happen if you cut a material?

Answer: When cut, these materials may change their shape and size but no new material is formed. Hence, only the physical appearance of the solid material is changed when cut.

What happened to aluminum foil when cut?

In this case, since aluminum foil is made up of aluminum leaves having a 0.2-mm thick it is widely known that is deformed when wrinkled due to its tiny average thick. Moreover, when cut half over and over again smaller pieces are obtained every time it is done.

Is it true that if you fold a piece of paper 42 times?

So it actually extends past the moon by 45,000km or 28,000 miles. As a note its very hard to fold paper more than 7 times, or anything more than 13 times.

Is cutting a piece of paper a physical change?

Answer: Cutting paper is a physical change since only the physical properties such as appearance (size and shape) is changed but the chemical composition remains the same. Cutting paper is a physical change because, it involves changing something without changing its chemical structure.

Can you continue cutting a piece of paper in half forever?

No. At a small enough scale, you would no longer be cutting “paper” in half, but instead cutting the glucose monomers that make up the cellulose in paper. (This of course completely overlooks the fact that paper usually has pigments and other additives in it.)

Can you break a piece of paper?

You would use torn, which is the correct form of your suggested “teared”. If you take a piece of paper and rip it in half, that piece of paper is torn. The paper is also torn if only small pieces are missing, or even if the paper remains connected after the tear.

How many times would you need to cut a strip of paper to reach the size of an atom?

You would have to cut the paper in half around thirty-one (31) times to get to the size of any atom.