Quick Answer: Is It Mismatched Or Mismatched?

What’s the meaning of mismatched?

mismatched; mismatching.

Definition of mismatch (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb.

: to match (two people or things) wrongly or unsuitably Let’s say that you are afraid of boring your audience..

Is mismatched a word?

adjective incompatible, clashing, irregular, disparate, incongruous, discordant, unsuited, ill-assorted, unreconcilable, misallied The two opponents are mismatched.

What is mix match day?

Mix & Match Day is all about encouraging our students to get out of their comfort zones, mix and mingle with new friends, and match up with some unknown kids! Students will be… *Paired with different grade levels at lunch and recess. *Encouraged to meet and mingle with new people.

What is a mismatch disease?

A mismatch disease happens when we take our stone-age bodies and put them in an unsuitable environment. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, back pain, depression, anxiety, obesity, flat feet, and many other conditions were extremely rare in our ancestors.

How do you spell Mitch match?

Unless you are looking for a date for your buddy Mitch, then its “mismatch,” being the opposite of matched.

What is mix and match clothing?

Mixing and matching allows you to wear different and exciting looks even when you have a small or limited wardrobe. • It allows you the most optimum use of your clothes and accessories. • With imaginative mixing and matching you can make even the ordinary clothes look exciting and thus stand out in a crowd.

How do you use mismatch in a sentence?

Mismatch in a Sentence 🔉If you decide to mismatch your socks you will look funny to everyone that sees them, especially if they are different colors. … The couple is a mismatch if you ask me, but even though they don’t seem to get along all the time they still claim to be in love.More items…

Is it mismatched or mix match?

Mismatched is correct. “Mix and match” is a phrase too, so maybe that’s where your confusion came from.

What is Mitch match?

Mismatch is defined as for things that are similar to not be put together correctly. … The definition of mismatch is something that was not correctly paired. An example of a mismatch is two people on a date who do not get along.

What is mismatch education?

Educational mismatch, defined as the inadequacy between the worker’s level of education and the level of education which is required for his job, is an increasing phenomenon. One of its two forms, over-education, can be explained from different points of views.

Is Misload a word?

misload (English) (transitive) To load incorrectly.

Is Unaffected a word?

adjective. not affected, acted upon, or influenced; unchanged; unaltered: The laboratory clock remained accurate, unaffected by the explosion.

What does incompatible mean?

a : incapable of association or harmonious coexistence incompatible colors. b : unsuitable for use together because of undesirable chemical or physiological effects incompatible drugs. c : not both true incompatible propositions.

Which of the following pair is mismatched?

So, the correct answer is ‘Prairie- epiphytes’

What does misjudge mean?

intransitive verb. : to be mistaken in judgment. transitive verb. 1 : to estimate wrongly.