Quick Answer: What Do You Write In A Small Notebook?

What is the biggest advantage of using a notebook?

Notebooks are especially useful to those who have to work on computers for long hours, or are heavily depended on computers for their work.

Though notebooks may not be as powerful as computers tend to be for the same price range, they are capable of performing all the functions that any computer would perform..

Which is better a laptop or a notebook?

Notebook computers are modern computers that have a notebook size so that they can be carried easily. Notebook computers typically have fewer hardware functionalities than laptop….Difference between Laptop and Notebook :S.NOLaptopNotebook7.Laptops are generally more expensive than notebooks.While notebook is less expensive than laptop.6 more rows•Jul 14, 2020

What do you write in a small diary?

Here are eight things I include in my planner to keep it interesting and fun, but still professional at the same time:Inspirational Quotes. … Letters to yourself. … Goal list. … Eating plans + exercise routine. … Appointments. … Friends messages. … Useful numbers and dates. … Pictures.Aug 9, 2016

How do you begin a diary?

Writing Diary EntriesBrainstorm what you’re going to write about. … Ask yourself questions. … Write down your answers. … Pick a format. … Make them different. … Don’t be hard on yourself while you’re writing. … Keep your thoughts in order. … Get your creative juices flowing.

What is diary and example?

0. The definition of a diary is a datebook or journal where you record events, emotions, thoughts or feelings. The datebook where you keep track of appointments is an example of a diary. A journal you keep where you write down your feelings is an example of a diary.

How do you start a journal for beginners?

Starting a JournalFind the right space to write. … Buy a physical journal or Sign-up for Penzu. … Close your eyes and reflect on your day. … Ask yourself questions. … Dive in and start writing. … Time yourself. … Re-read your entry and add additional thoughts.

How do you fill a small notebook?

So grab those unloved notebooks, a pen, and let’s start filling them up!Use it as a plain old diary. … Take notes from your learning. … Record your dreams. … Write down your routines. … Use it as a planner. … Use it for your blog. … Use it as a catch-all notebook. … Learn a language.More items…•Sep 17, 2018

What is the purpose of a notebook?

A notebook (also known as a notepad, writing pad, drawing pad, or legal pad) is a book or stack of paper pages that are often ruled and used for purposes such as recording notes or memoranda, other writing, drawing or scrapbooking.

What is a catch all notebook?

That means it’s a notebook full of lists, notes from meetings, long term plans, notes to self, big ideas, and more. … I used to keep this all in just a regular spiral bound notebook, as I discussed in this post, but my latest format is a little bit different.

What do you use a tiny notebook for?

15 Different Ways To Use A Blank NotebookDream Diary. Turn that blank notebook into a dream tracker. … Doodle Book. It’s a great stress reliever and also good practice for artists as well. … Daily Planner. Instead of buying a brand new one, just turn that blank notebook into your daily planner. … Bullet Journal. … Goal Tracker. … Meal Planner. … Memory Book. … Love Letter Holder.More items…•Feb 15, 2018

How can you use a notebook effectively?

How to use a notebook: 7 quick tipsGet one. … Write the date on the outside of the notebook. … Clear out your brain. … Avoid the temptation to write on both sides of the page: just write on one side. … Keep each separate subject on a separate page. … When you’re finished with a page, yank out that page.More items…•Apr 6, 2008

How do you use a pocket notebook effectively?

Ways to Use a Pocket NotebookBuy the cheapest notebook that’ll fit in your pocket. … Keep it in a pocket or bag close at hand along with a pen. … Be ready to capture anything you find interesting or important. … Copy quotes from reading.Write down pieces of conversations in the speaker’s own words. … Make grocery lists.More items…•Feb 24, 2016

What are the features of a notebook?

Here are 10 top features that you might want to look for when shopping for your next notebook.Easy-Open Lid. … Conveniently Located Ports. … USB Type-C. … Touchpad Center-Click Functionality. … Power Adapter Plug and Size. … Backlit Keyboard. … Dedicated Media Controls. … Function Lock.More items…•Feb 16, 2017

What should I write about?

Interesting Things to Write AboutA Life-Changing Lesson You Learned. … Something You Know How to Do. … The Life Story of Someone Important to You. … Something That Makes You Angry or Dissatisfied. … A Popular Topic (or Label) from a Different Angle. … Life Hacks. … Something Most People Don’t Know About Something. … How to Find Something.Oct 2, 2020

What should I call my diary?

Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Diary – Story of my life, Secret keeper, Fantasy, Kitty😊😊, Secret Keeper 😉, Bubble.

What should I fill my notebook with?

Empty Notebook?: 30 Ideas to Fill Up Your Blank Journals and NotebooksLove Notes. When say, love notes, I don’t mean the ones from your partner (though you could definitely do that!). … Favorite Quotes. … Book Reviews. … Write Down Your Dreams. … Lists. … Sketchbook. … Gratitude Journal. … Life Lessons.More items…•Jul 30, 2019