What Does The Base Word Match Mean In The Word Mismatched?

How do you spell Mitch match?

To match unsuitably or badly.

To match badly or unsuitably.

A bad or unsuitable match.

To match unsuitably; to fail to match..

What is mismatch education?

Educational mismatch, defined as the inadequacy between the worker’s level of education and the level of education which is required for his job, is an increasing phenomenon. One of its two forms, over-education, can be explained from different points of views.

What does the word mismatch mean?

transitive verb. : to match (two people or things) wrongly or unsuitably Let’s say that you are afraid of boring your audience.

Is it mismatched or mix match?

Mismatched is correct. “Mix and match” is a phrase too, so maybe that’s where your confusion came from.

Is Misload a word?

misload (English) (transitive) To load incorrectly.

What is another word for matching?

Matching Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for matching?correspondingparallelcommensuratematchedundifferentiatedhomogeneousinterchangeablecompatibleproportionatecongruous178 more rows

What is another word for does not match?

What is another word for not matching?unequaldifferentdifferingdissimilarunlikevaryingdisparateunevenirregularunalike90 more rows

What are the two meanings of match?

The definition of a match is a person or thing that is similar, equal to or suitable for another or a game or contest. An example of match is a shirt and jeans that are the same color of black. An example of match is two people with a similar sense of humor. An example of match is two people playing cribbage. noun.

What is another word for matched?

What is another word for matched?coordinatedharmonisedUKharmonizedUSbalancedpairedequatedevenedmatedalikecomparable1 more row

Is mismatched a word?

adjective incompatible, clashing, irregular, disparate, incongruous, discordant, unsuited, ill-assorted, unreconcilable, misallied The two opponents are mismatched.

How do you use the word match?

“We played a match against our rival.” “They left during the match.” “He is no match for me.” “It’s a great match between the two teams.”

What is mix match day?

Mix & Match Day is all about encouraging our students to get out of their comfort zones, mix and mingle with new friends, and match up with some unknown kids! Students will be… *Paired with different grade levels at lunch and recess. *Encouraged to meet and mingle with new people. *Mentored by older students.