What Happens When An Equation Is 0 0?

How do you know if there is no solution or infinite solutions?

If we end up with the same term on both sides of the equal sign, such as 4 = 4 or 4x = 4x, then we have infinite solutions.

If we end up with different numbers on either side of the equal sign, as in 4 = 5, then we have no solutions..

Is 0 a real number?

What Are Real Numbers? Edit. Real numbers consist of zero (0), the positive and negative integers (-3, -1, 2, 4), and all the fractional and decimal values in between (0.4, 3.1415927, 1/2). Real numbers are divided into rational and irrational numbers.

How do you tell if a system has no solution?

A system of linear equations has one solution when the graphs intersect at a point. No solution. A system of linear equations has no solution when the graphs are parallel. Infinite solutions.

What is it called when an equation is 0 0?

0/0 is undefined. If substituting a value into an expression gives 0/0, there is a chance that the expression has an actual finite value, but it is undefined by this method. We use limits (calculus) to determine this finite value. But we can’t just substitute and get an answer.

How do you know if two equations have no solution?

A system has no solutions if the lines are parallel. When solving the system, if you get a false statement (a number equal to a different number) this means there are no solutions.

What is the formula for infinitely many solutions?

Well, there is a simple way to know if your solution is an infinite solution. An infinite solution has both sides equal. For example, 6x + 2y – 8 = 12x +4y – 16. If you simplify the equation using an infinite solutions formula or method, you’ll get both sides equal, hence, it is an infinite solution.

What is the difference between no solution and all real numbers?

If the inequality states something untrue there is no solution. If an inequality would be true for all possible values, the answer is all real numbers.

Is the point a solution?

If the point lies on both lines, then it is a solution. If the point is on one line and not the other (like in the video) then it is not a solution.

How many solutions does the pair of equations y 0 and y =- 5 have?

question_answer Answers(2) Hence they do not have solution. Solution: Y= 0 is the equation of x axis and y = -5 is the line which is parallel to x axis. It has no solutions since the given equations are parallel .

How many solutions does a 3 2a =- 1 3a 4 have?

Answer: There are infinitely many solutions of this equation.

What is the solution if 0 0?

For an answer to have an infinite solution, the two equations when you solve will equal 0=0 . Here is a problem that has an infinite number of solutions. If you solve this your answer would be 0=0 this means the problem has an infinite number of solutions.

Does 0x mean no solution?

We will get the equation 8x – 2 = 8x + 2. We collect our x-terms on the left hand side of the equal sign and the constant terms on the right hand side of the equal sign and we will see that 0x = 4, that is, 0 = 4, not a true statement. … So the solution to this equation is: there is NO SOLUTION.

Is 0 0 a solution of the system and?

(0,0) is not a solution of the system.

What is the formula for no solution?

Case 2. If (a1/a2) = (b1/b2) ≠ (c1/c2), then there will be no solution. This type of equation is called an inconsistent pair of linear equations.

What is an equation with no solution?

No solution would mean that there is no answer to the equation. It is impossible for the equation to be true no matter what value we assign to the variable. Infinite solutions would mean that any value for the variable would make the equation true.

What is an example of no solution?

When a problem has no solution you’ll end up with a statement that’s false. For example: 0=1 This is false because we know zero can’t equal one. … So, we say this problem has no solution. This means no matter what number you put in for the variable x, you will never get anything that equals one another.

Which equations has only one solution?

An independent system of equations has exactly one solution (x,y) . An inconsistent system has no solution, and a dependent system has an infinite number of solutions.

What is a one solution equation?

868 subscribers. You will be able to determine if an equation has one solution (which is when one variable equals one number), or if it has no solution (the two sides of the equation are not equal to each other) or infinite solutions (the two sides of the equation are identical).