What Name Means Gold?

What name means Golden Princess?

Órla, Orlaith, Orla or Orlagh (pronounced OR-lah) is a female given name of Celtic origin.

The root form of the name is Órfhlaith, interpretable as “golden princess” as it combines the Gaelic elements ór (“gold”) and fhlaith (literally “prince”), its full feminine form being banfhlaith..

What does Mizuki mean?

beautiful moonMizuki Although the Japanese word for “moon” is usually pronounced tsuki, its initial consonant blend gets softened in the name Mizuki, which can mean “beautiful moon” (美月) or “water moon” (水月).

What is the Japanese name for love?

In Japanese, both “ai (愛)” and “koi (恋)” can be roughly translated as “love” in English.

What is the most beautiful Japanese name?

The 11 Most Beautiful Japanese NamesSaeko | 紗子 Saeko includes the kanji for “gossamer,” and the diminutive suffix -ko, which is commonly seen with feminine names. Itsuki | 一喜 … Hana | 初夏 Hana is a female given name. Written this way, it means “early summer.” … Takashi | 隆 Takashi is a masculine name that has been around for a long time.Aug 3, 2017

What is the another name for gold?

AurumGold is also known as Aurum.

What names mean black?

You could search for names that literally mean black, dark, or night. Or you might prefer to browse for names that suggest dark things, such as Jett or Raven. Along with Jett and Raven, other dark baby names in the US Top 1000 include Blake, Colton, Delaney, Kiera, Layla, Melanie, Phoenix, and Sullivan.

What boy name means gold?

HemaHari is a unique name for a baby boy which means “brown” or “yellow”. The name Hem is derived from the Sanskrit word which means “gold” or “golden”. It is a masculine form of Hema.

What is the Arabic name for princess?

AmiraAmira (also spelled Emira or Ameera) Amirah (Arabic: أميرة) (Hindi: अमीरा) (Hebrew: אֲמִירָה ) is an Arabic female given name, meaning “princess”, a Hindi name meaning “princess” or “high born girl,” (derived from Arabic) and a Hebrew female given name, meaning ‘treetop’ or ‘saying’.

Is Cole a black name?

Cole /koʊl/ is a surname of English origin, and is much less frequently a given name. It is of Middle English origin, and its meaning is “swarthy, coal-black, charcoal”. The Cole family originated in Cornwall, South West England….Cole (name)OriginRegion of originEnglandFrequency comparisons:1 more row

What names mean blue?

Along with Sky on the girls’ side, names that mean blue in the US Top 1000 include Celeste, Jay, Royal, Iris, and Lake….MayaOrigin: Greek mythology name; Central American Indian empire name; Latinate variation of May; Spanish, diminutive of Amalia; variation of Maia; Hebrew.Meaning: “water”Description:Jan 12, 2021

What Japanese name means gold?

KanekoBeautiful Japanese Girl NamesNameMeaningKaneThis Japanese name means “metal; gold; money”. The variation to the name is Kaneko.KataKata is a Japanese name for girls meaning “form”.KimiKimi meaning “upright; righteous” is the perfect name for the unique female.27 more rows•Apr 20, 2020

What name means silver?

When you browse names that mean silver, you want to consider how the name will suit your little one.Arianell: Silver (Welsh)Arianwyn: Silver white (Welsh)Lujayn: Silver (Arabic)Rupa: Silver, beauty (Hindi)Rupal: Made of silver (Hindi)Seemaab: Silver (Urdu)Simin: Silver and white (Persian)Yin: Silver (Chinese)

What name means love?

Sweetest Baby Names That Mean Love (With Meanings)Amadeus. Meaning: Latin name for lover of God.Amado. Meaning: Spanish name for loved.Amato. Meaning: Italian name for dearly loved; beloved.Amatus. Meaning: Roman name for beloved.Amias. Meaning: Latin name for loved.Amor. Meaning: Spanish name for love.Aziz. … Caradoc.More items…

What girl name means Golden?

Female Names That Mean “Golden”AureliaGoldenGoldaGoldMarigoldMary’s goldOralieGoldenOreliaGolden1 more row

What girl name means yellow?

Sunny baby names for girlsAmber.Aurelia.Blaine.Clementine.Daisy.Ginger.Golda.Goldie.More items…•May 30, 2018